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Admitted to the Bars of New York (98) and New Jersey (97);

New York Southern and Eastern District Courts; New Jersey District Courts; and

Member of Brooklyn and NYC Bar Associations.

Main Practice areas: Family law litigation (Contested Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianship/Adoption), Bankruptcy, Foreclosures


PAUL B. GROMAN has over 15 years of experience in litigating contested divorces and

child custody disputes.  He is also experienced in bankruptcy, trust and estate, guardianship,

and real estate closings.  Groman attentively assists clients at all stages of the divorce process, including negotiation and settlement agreements in uncontested divorces (when the husband and wife can agree on all issues including custody, support, and the division of assets and debts). When a fair settlement is not possible through negotiation, he aggressively utilizes his ten years of trial experience to protect our client’s rights in contested divorce litigation, including

obtaining maintenance (spousal support/alimony) and restraining orders when needed. 

Groman also effectively defends clients facing foreclosures.  Whether in court, foreclosure proceedings, pursuing loan modification or other alternatives, such as bankruptcy, Groman

is amply experienced to provide competent legal counsel througout the entire process.  

In 2005, new laws were passed that changed the Bankruptcy Code and made it more difficult

for certain people to file bankruptcy.  Groman will analyze your situation and determine if you qualify ("means testing" - if the median income is above a threshold amount. If the income is

less than the state median, filing a traditional bankruptcy is eligible.  If more, the courts will require more information to assess eligibility).  If bankruptcy is an option, Groman will assist

the client in filing meticulous and detailed bankruptcy petitions, attend the 341 meeting and confirmation hearing, handle post-filing issues and provide representation throughout the Chapter 13 payment plan.  He is instrumental as an Of Counsel to our firm on these matters. 

Groman is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School.



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