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"In a profession that often displays cynicism and pessimism from its practicing members, Calle is quite the opposite.  Her attitude and dedication resemble the ambition of newly admitted lawyers, yet she possesses the skill and analytical ability of a highly experienced lawyer." - P.B., attorney 

"Calle has succeeded in cases after other attorneys failed because she never hesitates to provide clients with vigorous representation.  Her joy truly comes from doing her best in challenging cases and achieving equitable outcomes for clients." - S.B. attorney

"I honestly believe the probationary sentence I received in the end was due to Ms.Calle's tireless dedication to my case and extensive research. She was instrumental in convincing the Judge of my innocence, after almost a year of arguments and motions."  - Y. Z. client



Admitted to the Bars of New York (98), New Jersey (99), and California (01);

New Jersey District Courts; New York District Courts (Southern, Eastern, Northern); 

California Central District; Court of Appeals - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th districts;

Licensed also in NY as a mortgage and real estate broker. 

Certification in Divorce Mediation from NJSBA.

Main practice areas (NY & NJ): Criminal Defense, Civil/Commercial Litigation,      Contested & Collaborative Divorce, Deportation/Immigration, Real Estate.


VIC CALLE is a seasoned attorney and co-founder of Calle & Associates, formerly,        Calle & Lee, LLP.  Calle has 20 years of experience as an attorney predominately in       New York since 1998, after moving to New York from Texas, soon after graduating         law school from Texas.  Calle’s expertise embraces a wide array of substantive areas, including all facets of litigation, immigration, real estate, as well as transactional business.  Clientele consist of large international corporations to private companies, individuals and artists.  Calle’s extensive experience includes successful representation     of foreigners and U.S. companies before various state agencies and courts across the country; successfully defending criminals in federal, state and local courts; starting         and defending commercial and civil lawsuits, federal immigration litigation and appeals, as well as negotiating and handling commercial and residential sales of property and businesses.  Her immigration practice includes: all types of employment-based visas      and permanent residence for foreign professionals; investors; intracompany transfers; internationally acclaimed scientists, athletes, researchers, and artists; as well as immigration appeals and deportation defense.  Calle has also handled wage violation defense, contested divorces, estate disputes.  Calle has the expertise to aggressively protect your interest and defend your position even if it means taking the case to a jury. Passionate about justice, Calle covered cases for public defenders and also works with Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving indigent litigants.  Attorneys acquainted with Calle's legal work praise her acumen as a litigator and attorney.


In addition to approx. 30 other favorable appellate remands and many other litigated cases in New York and New Jersey, a small sample of notable remands include: 

Shi v. US Atty Gen, 707 F.3d 1231 (11th Cir. 2013); favorable, precedential remand after Ms. Calle's oral arguments before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lin v. US Atty Gen., 656 F.3d 605 (7th Cir. 2011); favorable, precedential remand after briefing before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Huang, et. al v.  US Atty Gen., 256 Fed. Appx. 406 (2d Cir. 2007); favorable remand after Ms. Calle's oral arguments before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Matter of Paredes, - favorable remand regarding employer's ability to pay issue.

Matter of Persaud & Matter of Li, - favorable remand regarding hardship issue.

Matter of Munoz - favorable remand regarding bona-fide adoption denial.

Matter of Sillah - favorable remand regarding asylum.


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